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My first Bento


Just found out that both of my kids are not eating during recess, instead of eating both went to the bookshop to buy little note-book, pencil & small toy. It is so unbelievable that the school bookshop has so many fascinating things. Instead of scolding them, I decided to explain the difference between needs and wants. Guess they just have to learn along the road as it is part of growing up. They have to learn how to manage their wants and plan their own expenses. When they grow older, there will be more temptation as there are always unending wants. As I do not cook lunch, both end up eating junk food when they came home. Felt so guilty about it. Thought of packing bread as it is the most convenient. I browse through some bento blog and amazed by all the cute bento. It suddenly occurs to me that if it looks appealing, it should entice them to eat.

Did not know what to do, as there is too many design and I felt a bit of information overload. I am terribly in art as such all the facial expression look awful. It is not as easy as I thought it would be. Finally, decided on the design after spending two hours of shape cutting on four slices of bread at night. To save time, I cut out the shape and put it in the lunch box. Woke up half an hour earlier in the morning yesterday to assemble and spread strawberry jam and nutella on the bread. I tried to fill up space in the lunch box by adding some hot dog. The proportion is just right for Asher as he is a slow eater. The lunch box look empty, and I decided to leave it as it is. I am concern that the decor on the bread might fall off, so I showed it to him immediately, and he was happy.


Asher came back from school, and he told me that some of the decor came off. He was extremely busy on the way to the canteen as his classmate finds it cute and wants to eat it too. He requested me to change his lunch box to the non-transparent cover tomorrow to avoid the commotion.


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