Half-Boiled Egg Maker

Half-boiled egg is my son all time favourite breakfast. I google how to do it and want to make him some in the morning. Woke up one hour earlier yesterday, tried different methods: boiled the eggs for 3 minutes, soaked it in the boiling water for 5 minutes but it does not come out just right. It was so frustrating and I finally gave up after trying 10 eggs. We ended up with scrambled eggs for breakfast instead.

While buying grocery at a provision shop today, I saw this half-boiled egg maker:

Bought it and tried it immediately when I reached home. It was so easy, just 3 simple steps:   

1. Place eggs in upper container.
2. Pour boiling water into it.
3. The water will drip into the lower container. When all of it has dripped into the lower container, the eggs are ready.
And this is the result…..

This is an incredible invention:)


4 comments on “Half-Boiled Egg Maker

  1. may i ask where you bought this half boil egg maker from? i’d like to buy one too. thanks!

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