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Lantern & Mooncake

Time flies it is mid-autumn festival again. This year is special as dd got third prize for lantern competition and I tried making moon cake. 

This is Hannah’s fish lantern:


Google and printed lots of recipe. Bought the plastic moon cake mold and snow skin mix from Gim Hin Hee.  

Bought one more plastic mold from Phoon Huat.

Snow Skin Moon Cake

This is the snow skin moon cake recipe as per the instruction written on the packet:


1 pkt snow skin ready mix

70gm shortening

260ml cold water

1/2 tsp emulco/paste

Paste of your choice, I used Lotus and Durian paste from Kwong Cheong Thye.


1. Mix all ingredients together. Let it rest for 30 mins.

2. Divide dough according to the size of your mold.

3. Divide  paste to small portions and roll into round balls.

4. Wrap paste with snow skin and press into moon cake mould.

5. Keep in the fridge until cold and set.

Traditional moon cake

I followed the moon cake pastry recipe from auntyyochana’s blog and used the paste from KCT. It is yummy and my kids love it.


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