Workshop – Cake Baking Class Stage 2 by Richard Goh Lesson 3

Yes! Finally I signed up for Richard Goh Baking Demo Class:) I am full of anticipation after reading so much about him from many blogs.
There are a total of 8 lessons for 16 recipes and it is conducted at Siglap CC. I did not want to wait so long for the next workshop so I go ahead and signed up in the 3rd lessons. I managed to copy some notes from a kind lady who was sitting beside me.
Richard is very entertaining and very willing to share his knowledge. I had lots of fun and these are picture of him:



These are what I have missed from the first two lesson:
1. Blueberry Freshcream cake


2. Carrot Cake


3. Raisin Loaf


4. Pandan Fudge Cake


Lesson 3:
1. Yam Mousse Cake


2. Walnut Cake


After the demo, we bought home one slice of each cake to sample. I did not take a picture of that because I did not bring along a taller container to pack and both cakes was squashed when I reached home.


3 comments on “Workshop – Cake Baking Class Stage 2 by Richard Goh Lesson 3

  1. Hi, I attended Richard’s class stage 3. Pretty good. But I don’t seem to see his classes on the PA site. Could you share your class details with me? Thought of attending his classes again. Ken bakes

    • CAKEMAKING (ELEMENTARY – 8 SESSIONS) (C18050365) details:
      1) Apple Pie 2) Blueberry Freshcream Cake 3) Carrot Cake 4) Cream Sponge Cake 5) Chocolate Fudge Cake 6) Cheese Cake 7) Curry Puff 8) Chicken Pies 9) Coffee Pudding Cake 10) Chocolate Rum Balls 11) Raisin Loaf 12) Jam Tarts 13) Pandan Fudge Cake 14) Pizza 15) Yam Mousse Cake 16) Walnut Cake
      I had the same problem too, there is no way to search for courses by trainer’s name at onepa. What I did: I checked the summary of where he is teaching from Wen’s Delight. From there do a search for his course under “cake making” at the respective cc at onepa. You can also call the respective cc to check on his schedule.

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