Workshop – Japanese Sushi Cake

Today I attended a workshop at Tott. ToTT is a dream kitchen, there are so many interesting tools to buy.

This Japanese Sushi Cake workshop is hands on, it is by one of the most popular cake decorator in Singapore, Chef Kok Pei Shuen. I have always wanted to attend her workshop after seeing so many of her beautiful creations. It is a full house today. Chef Pei Shuen begin by explaining how to manage the fondant. She is using fondant by MASSA, according to her it is much easier to manage than other brands. Step by step, she demo how to roll the fondant, cover the cake with fondant and make all the ingredients. Thereafter we will hands on, she will check and see if we need help. She is very patient and is very generous in sharing her knowledge.


This is me with my idol Chef Kok Pei Shuen


Chef Pei Shuen’s master piece:


My Japanese Sushi Cake:


The rest of the class:



Complimentary snacks by CherylShuen, it is very tasty:


I had fun today. Hope to attend more of her workshop.


2 comments on “Workshop – Japanese Sushi Cake

  1. Wow, lovely! =)
    For a while, I really thought those were real sushi ^^

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