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Workshop – Kueh Lapis by Darryl Lim

Attended another workshop at Tott, I love the kitchen as it is so well equipped. It is a hands on session on Kueh Lapis by Chef Darryl Lim from Kué.
Chef Darryl is the owner and head baker of Kué. The recipe was passed down by his mum who was also his teacher. He is very talented, he did not received any formal training from baking school and yet he created so many delicious treats. He is also very generous in sharing his knowledge.
We are given the option to either bake prune or chocolate chip lapis. I chose chocolate chip as it sound unique. Chef Darryl demonstrated the steps and thereafter we proceed to work in pairs. After mixing and folding, we pour in some batter and begin baking the cake layer by layer. The whole baking process of taking in and out of the oven to bake each layer was so tedious. It took almost an hour but it was worth it:) Love the Kueh Lapis, it is very delicious. It is the best Kueh Lapis I have eaten.



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